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Programme 2010

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Thursday 4 November 2010
08:30 Registration
09:00 Opening
09:10 ESA presentation
10:00 Refreshments
10:20 Laser scanning presentation
11:00 Hyperspectral presentation
11:40 Remote sensing and climate treaties
12:20 Lunch
13:20 Session on Hyperspectral remote sensing
15:00 Refreshments and poster session
16:00 Session on New Instrumentation
18:00 Social event and Sauna
Friday 5 November 2010
09:00 Session on Forest applications
11:00 Refreshments
11:20 Session on Ice, Water and Snow
13:40 Conclusions
14:00 End of the Remote Sensing Days

Detailed Programme

Thursday 4 November 2010
8:30 Registration
General session, chairman T. Häme VTT
09:00 Opening, Chairman of Finnish Remote Sensing Club, E. Parmes VTT
09:10 ESA’s VAE, STSE and DUE programmes and possibilities of Finnish private and public sector to participate in these, S. Coulson ESA
General session, chairman T. Häme VTT
10:20 Laser scanning, J. Hyyppä, FGI
11:00 15 Years of Hyperspectral Imaging in Finland, T. Hyvärinen, SPECIM
11:40 Science Based Remote Sensing Services to Support REDD and Sustainable Forest Management in the Tropical Region - ReCover, T. Häme, VTT
Session on Hyperspectral remote sensing, chair P. Pellikka University of Helsinki
13:20 Multiangular imaging spectroscopy for separating the structural and biochemical reflectance signals, M. Mõttus, University of Helsinki
13:40 Aalto-1 -- Finnish nanosatellite for hyperspectral remote sensing, A. Hakkarainen, Aalto University
14:00 Some projection pursue techniques for unsupervised target detection in hyperspectral imageries, J. Malpica, Alcala University
14:20 Handheld spectral imager for remote sensing, food quality and medical applications, H. Saari, VTT
14:40 Hyperspectral remote sensing flight campaigns using AISA systems in 2010 , P. Pellikka, University of Helsinki

Refreshments and poster session, chair I. Korpela, University of Helsinki
15:00 Refreshments sponsored by
15:15 Determination of spring events of boreal coniferous forest from MODIS time-series, K. Böttcher, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
  Mapping leaf area index in Finnish boreal forests J. Heiskanen, University of Helsinki
  Use of social media for validation of remote sensing products?, O. Hyvärinen, FMI
  Using Stationary and Mobile Laser Scanner to detect Forest Defoliation, S. Kaasalainen, FGI
  New Instrument for Snow Profile Associated Measurements (SPAM), P. Lahtinen, FMI
  Boreal forest leaf area index /LAI) estimation using wide optics airborne winter photos, T. Manninen, FMI
  Comparison of IASI Level 2 Temperature Profile Retrievals and In-situ Soundings, T. Perttula, FMI
  Seasonality of leaf area index in a boreal forest, M. Rautiainen, University of Helsinki
  Validation of the Climate-SAF Arctic surface albedo product against in situ observations
, A. Riihelä, FMI
  Snow Cover Mapping Using MetOP/AVHRR Data, N. Siljamo, FMI
  Mapping edaphic characteristics in tropical rainforests based on floristic inventory and remote sensing, A. Sirén, University of Turku

Session on New Instrumentation, chair J. Heilimo FMI
16:00 New 7.3 meter satellite antenna to FMI Arctic Research Centre at Sodankylä, J. Heilimo, FMI
3D Terrain data pipeline to create content for virtual reality environments (VREs), and some sample
,K. Rainio, VTT
16:40 Aalto University’s Remote Sensing Aircraft, E. Rouhe, Aalto University
A Microwave Transmitter for Examining the Effects of Interfering Signal Sources on Interferometric Radiometer Measurements
, J. Seppänen, Aalto University
Social event and Sauna
18:00 Sponsored by

Friday 5 November 2010
Session on Forest applications, chair M. Holopainen University of Helsinki
9:00 Forest/Non-forest Delineation with Space Borne L-Band PolSAR: A Model Based Scattering Mechanism Decomposition Approach, O. Antropov, VTT
9:20 Operative UAV rapid mapping applications, M. Sippo PIEneering
9:40 Variation and directional anisotropy of reflectance at the crown scale – implications for tree species classification in digital aerial images, I. Korpela, University of Helsinki
10:00 Impacts of agricultural expansion and climate change on soil erosion in the Taita Hills, Kenya, E. Maeda, University of Helsinki
10:20 Social Forest Planning, M. Molinier, VTT
Determining the spatial pattern of tree stock and the need for the first thinning with area based approach of airborne laser scanning
, I. Pippuri, University of Eastern Finland

Session on Ice, Water and Snow, chair M. Mäkynen FMI
11:20 Supporting ESA SMOS Cal/Val 2010 Activities With Airborne HUT-2D Interferometric Radiometer, M. Hallikainen, Aalto University
11:40 Study on Correlation Between Airborne L-band Radiometric Measurements and GNSS-R Observations at the Baltic Sea, J. Kainulainen, Aalto University
12:00 Ice Drift Estimation based on SAR and Radar Data, J. Karvonen, FMI
12:20 ESA GLOBSNOW – producing long term snow data for climate research purposes, K. Luojus, FMI
12:40 ESA STSE Northern Hydrology – Project for Building a Portfolio of Lake and River Ice Earth Observation Products for Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Modeling, O-P. Mattila, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
13:00 On level ice thickness retrieval in the Kara Sea using MODIS and ENVISAT ASAR data and thermodynamic modeling, M. Mäkynen, FMI
13:20 International co-operation for providing operational EO water quality services in Finland, T. Pyhälahti, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
End of Remote sensing days