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Thursday 24.11
9:00Session I - Keynote Chair: Jaan Praks
9:00Quo Vadis, Finnish Remote Sensing?, Tuomas Häme
9:20Remote sensing of forest storm damages in Finland, Antti Vertanen
9:40Remote sensing of land cover changes in Africa, Petri Pellikka
10:00Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operated imaging system for forest and agriculture applications, Heikki Saari
10:20The Effectiveness of WebGIS and Remote Sensing for Natural Disaster Management in Japan, Yuichiro Usuda
10:40Coffee break
11:00 Session II – Disaster Management Chair: Yrjö Rauste, Robin Berglund
11:00A Presentation System for Flood Forecasting Products, Robin Berglund
11:20Probabilistic radar based rainfall warning system with an interactive user interface, Jarmo Koistinen
11:40Real Time Hazard Level Approximation of Convective Storms Using Weather Radar and Emergency Data, Pekka Rossi
13:10Session III – Cryosphere Chair: Ali Nadir Arslan, Matias Takala
13:10Snow remote sensing in Finland: a review on research and operational activities in the Finnish Environment Institute and the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Sari Metsämäki
13:30A new 27-year satellite climate data record of polar and global surface albedo: The CM SAF GAC-SAL, AkuRiihelä
13:50Snow Water Equivalent Climate Data Record of Northern Hemisphere Covering 30 Years, Matias Takala
14:10Detection of soil freezing in Northern Finland using SMOS data, Kimmo Rautiainen
14:30Ice Concentration Based on C-Band HH-polarized SAR Data, Juha Karvonen
14:50Coffee break
Poster Session Chair: Mika Karjalainen, Anne Leskinen
Identification of Polynya Areas in the Kara Sea from AMSR-E Data, Annakaisa von Lerber
Regional and temporal evaluation of MODIS LAI products in Finland, Janne Heiskanen
Climate Change Impacts on Ecosystem Services and Food Security in Eastern Africa (CHIESA) - Increasing Knowledge,Building Capacity and Developing Adaptation Strategies, Pekka Hurskainen
Earth observation product distribution using standard interfaces, Juha-Petri Kärnä
UAV operated Hyperspectral Imager for forest and agriculture applications, Jussi Mäkynen
Annular Ring Antenna for High Data Rate Space-Earth Radio Link, Rafal Modrzewski
Measurements of shoot scattering phase function for Scots Pine, Matti Mõttus
The behaviour of scene reflectance in boreal forest, Kirsikka Niemi
Remote Sensing for Seismic Risk Management in Pavia, Giulia Saponaro
Remote Sensing and Maasai Ethnoarchaeology in Engaruka, Tanzania, Oula Seitsonen
Review of the AISA hyperspectral flights in the summer 2011, Tuure Takala
Operational Remote Sensing Products of Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Markus Törmä
Preprocessing and Atmospheric Correction of an EO-1 Hyperion and SPOT 4 Seasonal Time Series from Hyytiälä Southern Finland, Veli-Heikki Vesanto
Tapiola 3D Model Reconstruction from FGI Roamer System, Lingli Zhu
Field Spectral Reflectance Measurements in Viikki, Helsinki on 22nd - 26th July, 2011, Xiaochen Zou
16:00Session IV – Emerging Technologies Chair: Heikki Saari, Matthieu Molinier
16:00Active Hyperspectral Lidar, Teemu Hakala
16:20Dense point cloud generation by automatic image matching from airborne imagery - Potential and challenges, Eija Honkavaara
16:40Aalto-1, a Finnish Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Nanosatellite: a Status Update, Antti Kestilä
17:00Interactive Basal Area Estimations from Mobile Phone Images, Matthieu Molinier
17:20Improving the emissivity model of rough water with GNSS-reflectometry: correlation of L-band radiometric measurements with GPS-R data, Caroline Mancel
Friday 25.11
9:00Session V – Atmosphere Chair: Johanna Tamminen
9:00Recent highlights of atmospheric remote sensing in Finland, Johanna Tamminen
9:20OMI Very Fast Delivery Products - Information on atmospheric composition and air quality in 15 minutes, Seppo Hassinen
9:40Satellite Remote Sensing of the Atmospheric Aerosols using AATSR data, Pekka Kolmonen
10:00OpenWeather protocol for efficient real time measurement data distribution in weather sensor network, Adrian Yanes
10:20Coffee break
10:40Session VII - Land Cover Chair: Markus Törmä
10:40Environmental and GIS datasets of Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Elise Järvenpää
11:00EnviObserver - Participatory Sensing Tool forEnvironmental Monitoring, Timo Toivanen
11:20GMES-products for Nordic countries: a case of geoland2 / SATChMo, Markus Törmä
11:40Automatic Change Detection Methods in the Updating of the Finnish Land Parcel Identification System (FLPIS), Leena Matikainen
12:00Airborne laser scanning-based stem volume imputation in a managed, boreal forest area: a comparison of estimation units, Jari Vauhkonen
13:20Session VIII – Forest Chair: Tuomas Häme, Matti Mõttus
13:20Comparison of Forest Variable Inventory Methods Using VHR Optical Satellite Imagery and Airborne Laser Scan data – Results of NewForest study, Heikki Astola
13:40Detection of seedling stand management need using high-resolution remote sensing data, Lauri Korhonen
14:00Reflectance of Boreal forests: what new did we learn?, Jouni Peltoniemi
14:20Estimation of Aboveground Biomass at a High Spatial Resolution Using an Extensive Data Record of Satellite Derived Metrics: A Case Study with California, Sangram Ganguly
14:40Understory trees in airborne LiDAR Data -Biased probing due to transmission losses and echo-triggering mechanisms, Aarne Hovi
15:00Can We Trick the Tricky Weather? Reflectance Measurements in Changing Illumination Conditions, Joel Kuusk
15:20Wrapping up