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Programme 2015

8:40 Coffee
9:00 Opening words, Conference Chair Jaan Praks
  SESSION 1: Nordic Dimension - Ice and Snow, Chairman Kari Luojus
9:10 POLAR ICE – Integrated Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice monitoring Services, Robin Berglund
9:30 ICEYE satellite mission, Pekka Laurila
9:50 SENTINEL-1 for Baltic and Arctic Sea Ice Monitoring, Alexandru Gegiuc
10:10 A Multiyear Program of Airborne Microwave Radiometry of Snow on Lake Ice, Martti Hallikainen
10:30 Evaluation of Satellite-Based SWE Retrieval Approaches for Northern Hemisphere, Kari Luojus
10:50 International Efforts for a New Snow Mission Concept, Juha Lemmetyinen
  SESSION 2: New directions - Small Platforms Chairman Mikko Strahlendorff
11:10 New sensors and platforms at National Land Survey, Juha Hyyppä
11:30 Asteroid Spectral Imaging Mission - ASPECT, Antti Näsilä
11:50 UAV photogrammetry and hyperspectral remote sensing of regeneration forests in Brazil, the first experiences, Raquel Alves de Olveira
12:10 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for leaf angles, Jan Pisek
12:30 Aalto-1 satellite mission and launch preparations, Jaan Praks
12:50 Rikola Ltd. Hyperspectral Camera for UAV, Jussi Soukkamäki
13:00 Lunch. The closest restaurant is Calori but also other restaurants in Otaniemi are at your service.
  SESSION 3: Community development: Chair Matti Mõttus
14:00 ESA Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform, Oleg Antropov
14:20 National Satellite Data Centre and Finnish Sentinel Collaborative Ground Segment, Jyri Heilimo
14:40 Mikkeli UAV test field, Markku Roshier
14:55 On remote sensing journals in Finnish JuFo ranking, Matti Mõttus
15:00 SESSION 4: Interactive Session, Open Microphone, Snacks available, Chairmen Jaan Praks, Iolanda Ialongoa
  Identifying forest insect damages from hyperspectral airborne images, Roope Näsi
  Estimating foliage clumping index from multi-angular, shortwave infrared satellite data over non-forested areas, Kairi Raabe
  Airborne C-band Scatterometer for Sea and Land Applications, Sampo Salo
  Estimating geometry of embedded supercooled liquid layers in mixed-phase clouds, Kalle Nordling
  Effect of snow over lake and sea ice on the backscatter coefficient retrieved from airborne SnowSAR data, Katriina Veijola
  Multivariate statistical methods for estimating grassland leaf area index and chlorophyll content using hyperspectral measurements, Hadi -
  GIO Land High Resolution Layer Forest Mapping in Finland, Iceland and the Baltic Countries, Heikki Astola
  Quantification of Impacts of Black Carbon on Snow: an Experimental Approach, Maria Gritsevich
  Global atmospheric products from polar-orbit satellite instruments, Iolanda Ialongo
  Remote sensing measurements of greenhouse gases at Sodankylä, Rigel Kivi
  Linking lidar-derived canopy structure with MODIS black-sky albedo, Lauri Korhonen
  Surface UV Radiation Products Derived from Satellite Data, Jukka Kujanpää
  Bathymetric LiDAR waveform data analysis, Teemu Kumpumäki
  Contributions to the Orbiting Carbon Observatory -2 Carbon Dioxide Measurements from Space, Hannakaisa Lindqvist
  Airborne Hyperspectral Spectroscopy data preparation for Hyytiälä Boreal forest, Finland, Vincent Markiet
  Detecting Space Debris with the New Satellite Laser Ranging System at Metsähovi, Diego Meschini
  A model of atmospheric entry in Earth's atmosphere and its application to the data acquired by fireball networks, Manuel Moreno-Ibáñez
  Nanosatellite Spectral Imagers at VTT, Antti Näsilä
  Aalto University Remote Sensing Aircraft Short SC7 Skyvan, Erkka Rouhe
  Mixed pixel soil moisture retrievals with airborne radiometer in Aurajoki watershed, Finland, Jaakko Seppänen
  Recent developments of the H-SAF MSG/SEVIRI and Metop/AVHRR based snow extent products, Niilo Siljamo
  New 2 kHz satellite laser ranging system at Metsähovi Geodetic Fundamental Station, Jenni Virtanen
  Retrieval of Aerosol and Cloud Properties using (A)ATSR, Timo Virtanen
  Validation of MODIS LAI product at a coniferous forest site in Finland, Samantha Wittke
  Application of laboratory optical measurements to interpretation of the Earth observations data., Nataliya Zubko
16:50 Closing
17:30 Social event at Micronova (Tietotie 3) Food, refreshments, two saunas and good company. Bring your towel.