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Thursday 22 Oct. 2009
08:30 Registration
09:00 Opening and general Session
11:05 Poster session part I and refreshments
11:20 Land Applications Water Quality
13:20 Lunch
14:20 Snow and ice Instruments
15:40 Poster session part II and refreshments
16:00 Snow and ice UAV
17:00 Thematic Workshops
18:30 Social event and Sauna
Friday 23 Oct. 2009
09:00 Atmosphere Commercial applications
10:20 Refreshments
10:40 Atmosphere Forest
12:40 Lunch
13:40 Wrapping up the Workshops
15:00 End of Seminar

Detailed Programme

Thursday 22 Oct. 2009
8:30 Registration
General Session
Chair J. Koskinen
09:00 Opening, Chairman of Finnish Remote Sensing Club, J. Koskinen
09:05 Finnish Earth Observation activities, T. Suortti, Tekes
09:25 Swedish Earth Observation activities K. Dannenberg, R. Lundin, SNSB
09:45 Norwegian Earth Observation activities G. Strøm, NSC
10:05 Danish Earth Observation activities, H. Skriver, DTU
10:25 Estonian Earth Observation activities, A. Reinart, Tartu Observatory
10:45 Panel for questions
Poster session part 1 and refreshments

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Scientific sessions
Land Applications
Chair: P. Härmä
Water Quality
Chair: S. Koponen
11:20 Progress in the use of coarse-resolution satellite data for environmental monitoring, phenology and carbon, L. Eklundh Testing of MERIS Boreal and Eutrophic Lake Processors at Lake Säkylän Pyhäjärvi, Finland, S. Koponen
11:40 Planning of a Large-scale Soil Moisture Network for the Validation of Remotelysensed Surface Soil Moisture Data from the L-band Passive Microwave Radiometer SMOS: Skjern River Catchment, Western DK, S. Bircher Two decades of change in emergent macrophyte expansion in two large shallow northern temperate lakes on a retrospective series of satellite images, J. Liira
12:00 Measuring gap size distribution and beyond-shoot clumping at Järvselja RAMI (RAdiation transfer Model Intercomparison) test sites, J. Pisek Water Quality Service for Lakes,
S. Anttila
12:20 Geoland2 – Towards an Operational GMES Land Monitoring Core Service, M. Törmä Comparison of different MERIS Case II processors for the water quality estimation on the coastal waters of Finland, J. Attila
12:40 Production of CORINE land cover 2006 and land cover changes between 2000-2006 in Finland, P. Härmä Variability in the inherent and apparent optical properties of the Baltic Sea and consequences for ocean colour algorithm development, J. Seppälä
13:00 Soil Moisture Retrieval in Boreal Forests with HUT-2D Synthetic Aperture Radiometer, J. Seppänen Secchi 3000: New Approach to Water Quality Measurement Instruments and Systems Integration with Remote Sensing, T. Pyhälahti
Scientific sessions
Snow and Ice
Chair: J. Pulliainen
Chair: J. Heilimo
14:20 Development of remote sensing of cryosphreric processes: The ESA CoReH2O and its relation to other satellite missions, J. Pulliainen L-band Imaging Radiometry with Airborne HUT-2D Interferometer – From the Performance to Remote Sensing Applications, J. Kainulainen
14:40 Simulating GPM DPR snowfall observations by using combined weather radar and CloudSat measurements, J. Leinonen ESTCube Mission— Testing the Electric Sail with the First Estonian Satellite, J. Envall
15:00 Applications for laser scanning based methods for seasonal snow cover monitoring, A. Krooks Enhancing Satellite Data Reception Capabilities in FMI Arctic Research Centre at Sodankylä, J. Heilimo
15:20 Snow remote sensing at Finnish Environment Institute, S. Metsämäki The Finnish and international calibration/validation activities of high-resolution Earth remote sensing instruments, E. Honkavaara
Poster session 2 and refreshments Sponsored by

Scientific sessions
Snow and Ice
Chair: J. Pulliainen
Chair: H. Saari
16:00 On retrieving sea ice thickness using SAR and MODIS data, M. Similä MD4-200 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Retrieval of Bidirectional Reflectance Factor from Aerial Photographs,
T. Hakala
16:20 Sea Ice SAR Data and Segmentwise Edge Features, J. Karvonen New Hyperspectral Imager for Light Weight UAVs – First test flight results, H. Saari
16:40 ShipSensorNet – using ships as sensors in winter navigation, R. Berglund Automatic georeferencing of a UAV carried small format camera, T. Rosnell
Thematic Workshops
17:00 Baltic Sea and Water Quality
Chairs: S. Koponen, T. Pyhälahti, A. Seinä
17:00 Climate Change
Chairs: J. Pulliainen, K. Luojus, J. Praks
17:00 Boreal Land Cover and Vegetation
Chairs: T.Häme, E. Parmes, M. Karjalainen
17:00 Nordic Co-operation in International Programmes
Chairs: J. Koskinen, Y. Sucksdorf, A. Leskinen
Social event and Sauna
18:30 Sponsored by

Friday 23 Oct. 2009
Scientific sessions
Chair: J. Tamminen
Commercial applications
Chair: E. Parmes
9:00 Intercomparison of O3M SAF OUV and OMI/Aura OMUVBL3 Surface UV Products, N. Kalakoski BlomURBEX – Blom’s Unique Oblique Data Base, A. Ikäheimo
9:20 Retrieving ozone partial columns from HIRS measurements, A. Määttä Operationalisation of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in Finland, A. Vuorela
9:40 Atmospheric remote sensing at FMI, J. Tamminen KSAT's integrated services: Ground Station to End-user, S. Støver
10:00 An Urban Morphological Database Created Using Remote Sensing for Modeling of Atmospheric Dispersion and Micro-Meteorology, P. Sievinen Green Net Finland and the possibilities for Finnish Cleantech companies, A. Herlevi

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Scientific sessions
Chair: J. Tamminen
Chair: T. Häme
10:40 Multiyear observations of the middle atmosphere by the GOMOS and OSIRIS instruments, S. Tukiainen Reflectance of forests: from shoots to global models, M. Mõttus
11:00 Classification of meteorological and non-meteorological targets with principal component analysis applying conventional and polarimetric measurements and their texture, T. Mäkinen Clearcut Detection between Aerial and Satellite Imagery Supporting Species-wise Forest Variable Estimates, M. Molinier
11:20 BALTRAD – an Advanced Weather Radar Network in the Baltic Sea Region, M. Peura Edge proximity influence on radiance at forest edges on a very high resolution IKONOS winter satellite image, U. Peterson
11:40 Tracking of Thunderstorms through Weather Radar and Lightning Location Data, P. Rossi Peek under Forest Canopy with Polarimetric Coherence Tomography, J. Praks
12:00 Quantifying gravity waves and turbulence in the stratosphere using satellite measurements of stellar scintillation, V. Sofieva Planning of Remote Sensing based National Forest Inventory: Comparison of alternative Materials and Data Sources in tropical area, T. Tokola
12:20 A concept for the monitoring of tropical forest, T. Häme
13:40 Wrapping up the Workshops
15:00 End of Seminar