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Program 2012

Pdf of the program is available here.

Thursday, 25 October

09:00 Plenary session. Chair: Matti Mõttus

09:00 Welcome

09:05 Jouni Pulliainen.
Sodankylä Satellite Data Centre: An Initiative to Establish Real-Time Satellite Data-Aided Services in Finland

09:30 Tuomas Häme. The Sentinels will make a difference in remote sensing services

09:55 Erkki Kyrölä.
Studying atmospheric composition by satellite measurements

10:20 Pauli Stigell.
Finnish Earth Observation in European programmes

10:45 Coffee break by Blom

11:00 Remote sensing of snow and ice. Chair: Kari Luojus

11:00 Kari Luojus.
Overview of snow remote sensing R&D at FMI & SYKE – work towards NRT & long term snow cover data records

11:20 Marko Mäkynen.
Sea ice remote sensing R&D at Finnish Meteorological Institute

11:40 Juha Karvonen.
Sea Ice ConcentrationRetrieval Based on Dual-Polarized C-Band SAR

12:00 Robin Berglund.
ICEMAR – a System for Sea Ice Information Delivery

12:20 Tuomo Smolander.
Detection of Soil Moisture and Soil Freeze Using Microwave Radars

12:40 Lunch

13:30 Remote sensing of forests: general. Chair: Mika Karjalainen

13:30 Timo Vesala. Invited presentation: From flux and concentrationobservations to greenhouse gas sinks and sources

14:00 Heikki Astola.
EUFODOS - European Forest Downstream Services Improved Information on Forest Structure and Damage – Project presentation

14:20 Paras Pant.
Spectral Characteristics of Hypespectral and Multispectral Sensors for Area Based Tree Species Classification

14:40 Poster Bazaar. Chair: Miia Salminen

15:30 Coffee by Pöyry. Posters on display

16:15 Remote sensing of forests and land cover change. Chair: Mika Karjalainen

16:15 Urmas Peterson.
Cross-Border Comparison of Forest Area Changes Caused by Clear-Cutting and Afforestation of Abandoned Agricultural Land Using Snow Covered Satellite Imagery in northeastern Europe

16:35 Timo Pitkänen.
Tracing variations of deciduous component over grassland–forest continuum by subpixel classification

16:55 Niina Käyhkö.
Consequences of land cover transitions on the sustainability of coral rag forests in Zanzibar, Tanzania

17:15 Laura Sirro.
Forest crown cover estimation in northern boreal and temperate European forest

17:35 Timo Kumpula.
Detecting landuse and landcover changes in reindeer pastures using multi-source remote sensing and GIS data

18:00 Sauna in

Refreshments offered by T-kartor

Friday, 26 October

09:45 New technologies in remote sensing. Chair: Heikki Saari

09:45 Antti Näsilä.
Aalto-1 Spectral Imager: Design and Mission

10:05 Maria Gritsevich.
A Pioneer European Airborne-Based Observation Campaign of a Meteor Shower

10:25 Lingli Zhu.
Using mobile laser scanning and UAV for 3D city models

10:45 Eija Honkavaara.
3D hyperspectral reflectance signatures by light-weight UAVs for the monitoring and measuring the environment

11:05 Heikki Saari.
UASI Summer 2012 UAV flight campaign results for forest and agriculture

11:25 Coffee by Arbonaut

11:50 Remote sensing of forests: new methods and algorithms. Chair: Ilkka Korpela

11:50 Matthieu Molinier.
Social Forest Planning project : summary of results 2010–2012

12:10 Paula Litkey.
Automatic detection of storm damages in forests using airborne stereoscopic images

12:30 Jan Pisek.
Estimating leaf inclination and G-function from leveled digital camera photography for broadleaf tree and shrub species in Kaisaniemi and Kumpula botanical gardens, Helsinki

12:50 Lunch

13:40 Remote sensing of forests: forest structure and composition.Chair: Eija Honkavaara

13:40 Caner Demirpolat
Assessment of Boreal Forest Cover Properties from Interferometric TanDEM-X Data

14:00 Joel Kuusk.
BRF of forests

14:20 Ilkka Korpela.
Directional reflectance signatures in aerial images - an aid to tree species classification?

14:40 Wrap-up

Poster presentations

Posters will be on display during the whole day on Thursday, 25
October. Poster presenters are asked to give a short talk (maximum 2
minutes) during the Poster Bazaar at 14:40.

Krista Alikas.
A robust Kd(490) algorithm for remote sensing of optically complex waters

Lea Hallik.
Vegetation indices detecting the effect of climate change on vegetation

Henna-Reetta Hannula.
Automatization of a Spectroradiometer Measurement System for Satellite Image Validation

Pekka Hurskainen.
Application of Open-Source GIS and live GPS tracking for land use / land cover field data collection in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Iolanda Ialongo.
Characterization of OMItropospheric NO2 over the Baltic sea area

Jere Kaivosoja.
UASI Potato Monitoring flight campaign preliminary results

Rigel Kivi.
Atmospheric composition measurements in northern Finland and comparison with space borne observations

Lauri Korhonen.
Modeling lidar-derived boreal forest crown cover with SPOT 4 HRVIR data

Andres Kuusk.
Reference panel for remote sensing studies at Järvselja, Estonia

Petr Lukeš.
Biomass and Species Composition Are Tightly Related to Forest Albedo in the Boreal Zone

Rami Piiroinen.
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in Taita Hills Kenya

Eetu Puttonen.
Ground point labeling in a terrestrial laser scanning configuration with utilization of scanner-centered coordinate system

Svetlana Saarela.
Model-assisted estimation of growing stock in a two-phase sampling survey utilizing ALS sample and wall-to-wall satellite optical data.

Tuure Takala.
Canopy shadow fraction estimation from AISA Eagle using spectral unmixing

Tuomas Tikka.
Aalto-2 – An Atmospheric Nanosatellite

Harold Weepener.
Forecasting Outbreaks of the Brown Locust Using Rainfall Estimates, NOAA Images and SPOT Vegetation Images

Xiaochen Zou.
Using digital camera for measuring leaf inclination angle in crops

Commercial presenters

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