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Guidelines 2018

Guidelines for ORAL presentations
Presentations are divided into 15 minute slots. The duration of the talk should be 12 minutes and 3 minutes is reserved for questions and discussion.
We wish that the presentations are downloaded to the auditorium computer in advance, during the breaks in between the sessions or in the morning before the first session.

Guidelines for POSTER presentations
Each poster presenter is offered a possibility to advertise their poster in poster pitch sessions, that are organised on Wednesday at 14:00-14:15 and 15:15-15:45. The poster pitch will be a short, max. 3 min. talk. If the presenter wishes, max. 2 slides can be included to the pitch (not obligatory).

Some practical information considering posters:

  1. Posters should be portrait, preferred size is A0
  2. The poster area is located downstairs, next to the Brainstorm auditorium. Poster stands are provided by the organizers.
  3. The Poster hang-up time is (preferably) Wed. at 8:30-9:00. The places of the posters are indicated with numbers, the name lists can be found at the registration desk as well as at the poster area.
  4. If you wish to use slides in your pitch, please download them to the Brainstorm computer during Wednesday morning coffee or lunch breaks.